Davis Custom Painting, INC


Exterior Painting - Prep Work
We think the only way to a lasting paint job is all in the prep work. We start by pressure washing all surfaces to be painted. We then scrape any loose paint, spot prime any raw wood, and replace any damaged or rotten wood. The next step is to fill all nail holes and caulk all wood to wood joints. We will also clear caulk your wood to brick or rock joints, and also clear caulk your windows if needed.
Exterior Painting - Materials
Through many years of experience we have found that using high quailty paints and materials can make your paint job last considerably longer. We primarly use Pittsburg Timeless Lifetime paint. The cost is slightly higher but well worth the bennifets. Although they call the paint lifetime the only way to make it last is by doing maintence, i.e. recaulking joints and filling nail holes.
Interior Painting
We handle all interior jobs from painting your ceiling to refinishing your entire home. We also specilize in a number of decorative and Faux finish techinques, from rag rolling to faux wood grain and Marble.
Customer Feedback
Bid was very detailed. They did a very good job and fairly good at clean up. Nice group of guys; hard workers. Careful not to damage landscaping. Took about three days. Would definitely recommend (neighbor already asked for their card) and would use them again. Thank you for Darrell and Derrick for the quality of service you and your employees provide.Janice Villarreal July 2008
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